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Are You Eating Enough To Lose Weight?

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Are You Eating Enough To Lose Weight?

Want to lose weight?


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 Did you ever think you might not be eating enough? I am amazed how many assessments I do and I determine someone is trying to lose fat and eating somewhere between 800-1200 calories per day.

They think this is plenty however it's usually way below what their body needs just to function at rest.

This means metabolism, thyroid, liver, kidneys, etc are not going to function consistently and properly if your eating 800-1200 calories per day. If you are exercising daily you will need even more calories to function! If you are not getting the minimum amount of calories your body needs your body will do whatever it can to hold on to your current fat just to survive and function.

 Yet in the process you risk muscle loss and this will lead to metabolism slow down.

REMEMBER: Every time you starve yourself in an effort to "lose weight", you are actually slowing down your metabolism as well as making your body more efficient at storing fat!

The scale will only tell you one thing how much you weigh at that given moment. Nothing else!

Focus on how your body is changing not the scale. 1-3 small meals a day is not enough to eat! Three larger sized balanced meals or 4-6 medium size meals will be more likely to give you the calories you need.


Also, drink at least half your body weight in water (ounces) per day.


Ask yourself do you want to look good with just your clothes on or also with them off?

Super low calories and MUSCLE loss will NOT make you look better with them off GUARANTEED!


EAT for the body you WANT not the body you HAVE.


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