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At Real Results Fitness, we're helping men and women all across Rockford, Belmont, and Grand Rapids take on sustainable fitness and nutrition strategies. We're helping people of all skill levels and backgrounds enjoy professional coaching and a customized path to long-lasting results.


By taking a holistic approach to your health and wellness. We offer resources that can help you find success in everything from fitness training to nutrition habits to daily motivation. We help you get the very most out of your journey.

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In 16 weeks Jan lost 7.5 pounds of fat, 3.5% body fat, and 8 inches and Terry lost 6 pounds of fat, 3.5% body fat, and 7 inches

Personal Training Belmont

Jan & Terry

I have just completed David Modderman's Weight Loss and Grand Rapids Personal Training program and am delighted.

In 12 short weeks I have lost 13 pounds of body fat (6.6%), gained 8.2 pounds of lean muscle (6.8%), and lost 11 inches. My blood pressure plummeted from 139/89 to 117/79.

I lost only 5 pounds, by the scale, but my appearance (I've gone down at least 2 sizes) and how I feel reflect major internal changes.

The most important things to me have been the education I've gained about supportive eating and the correct way to work out. Most of what I had learned in the past was totally outmoded and incorrect. I have never eaten more, nor better, or been physically stronger in my life and I feel great. My energy level has increased exponentially and my stamina and confidence have also soared.

Grand Rapids Personal Trainer David Modderman's knowledge, patience, supportive presence and humor make working with him a joy. I would (and do) recommend to everyone that working with David is the best thing anyone can do if they want a program they can live with and get real results.

Kathy R.

I can’t praise David and Metabolism Makeover Program enough. My results just amaze me. Since I turned 50, I hated the way I looked. I was in a size 12 pants and was wearing size “large” shirts. For me that was too big, I saw no end in sight. I tried to loose the weight and tone up by myself with no results. I thought eating just one meal a day would help. I didn’t know I was setting myself up for failure.

The Metabolism Makeover opened my eyes and taught me the right way to have the body I so badly desired. In just 12 weeks I went from a size 12 to a size 8. I lost an inch in my waist and two inches in my thighs. I have learned how to eat correctly by eating several small balanced meals during the day.

My husband just cannot believe how much better I look and feel about myself. Now that’s a great feeling. I walk with my head up high and I am having fun buying fun new clothes. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. That’s a great feeling. Never thought finding a personal trainer in Grand Rapids, Michigan would change my life!

Thanks for being there for me and helping me achieve my dreams.

Rose H.

Kelly, a college soccer player, lost 10 pounds, 7.1% body fat (14 pounds of fat), and 7.5 inches in just 11 weeks.

Personal Training Belmont


Amy lost 17 pounds, 3% body fat, and 13 inches.

Personal Training Belmont


Sherry has lost 8 pounds of fat, 3% body fat and 7 inches.



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