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Helpful Ideas to avoid food temptation

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Helpful Ideas to avoid food temptation

~~Conversation I have very often with newer clients:
Me: How is the nutrition plan going for you?
Client: Uhh ok.
Me: What's the biggest problem or concern?
Client: still having a hard time with snacking. Chips, cookies, ice cream etc.
Me: Where are these foods coming from? are you buying them?
Client: Yes, because my kids or husband want them. (Or they or relatives and friends are bringing them in the house) or yes my client really still wants them. 🙂
**I see this far too often. Trying to follow a structured nutrition plan when there are foods in front of you daily that your trying to avoid is extremely difficult. Most of the time the temptation to have these foods is much too great and you will cave.
AGAIN, don’t buy it or you will eat it! Seems simple enough....
~You NEED to have the whole household on board with this healthy lifestyle change and you need to be supporting each other and working together. Or this problem will never go away honestly.
Best advice:
Tell your family you are ONLY buying healthy foods and they have two choices. 1) TAKE IT 2) OR LEAVE IT! ….OK Just kidding but it might work under the right circumstances....🙂
Just a few ideas.....
1) Have a family meeting. Let everyone know from the beginning that you are trying to make a healthy lifestyle change and that you need their support.
2) Make a list of the foods that you want that are healthy and a list of foods they want that are not healthy. Discuss openly that these foods are a weakness for you and why you don’t want them in the house. (Health concerns, make you sick etc)
3) Take the list of unhealthy foods and determine if you can come up with healthier alternatives (baked chips, homemade sweet potato fries, homemade pizza, and homemade protein cookies. etc
~If you do all the shopping then you are in control. then you can buy want you want and what's best for your family. if they want the junk food than they MUST buy it themselves. Do NOT buy it for them.
Have a day a week where you have some treats but keep it to one day a week (and the same day each week) and buy that food that day and get rid of it after.
"If you don’t buy it you have a better chance of not eating it." if you set goals and REALLY want it, you will do whatever it takes. NEVER TRADE WHAT YOU WANT THE MOST FOR WHAT YOU WANT AT THE MOMENT.
This far from my expertise as a bachelor who only needs to feed himself.

So I am open to more ideas. Have some? Please share....


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