Why Do You Procrastinate!?

Why Do You Procrastinate!?


Why do you procrastinate and put things off? Is it pure laziness? Is it you are not serious about getting things done and getting up and moving?


For some people I truly believe the reason they procrastinate is fear. You are afraid you will fail. So if you don’t try you don’t fail. But if you don’t try you also will never succeed.


My biggest pet peeve as a Fitness Professional and Health Coach is someone who says they are going to do something then they don’t do it. We are all guilty of it. Even myself. There isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t procrastinate in some form.


But procrastination will kill your chances of ever being successful with your fitness goals.

It seems like almost everyday I hear someone say”I’m serious about this David” “I really am I need to do this”. “I am going to exercise 3 times a week and eat better” Then one week later they have stopped exercising all together and they have hit the fast food drive thru 3 times in 3 days!


Procrastination is holding so many people back! It is holding you back!


If I was paid a $1 every time someone told me they were going to start their workout on Monday, or next week I would be a rich man. I hear this very often “I will start doing this on Monday” Will you??


If you’re saying this to yourself “I will start on Monday” or “I will start tomorrow” you will NEVER reach your goals. Your dream will always be in the future that you will never reach, because it is always tomorrow.


You know what really drives me crazy when you procrastinate? You use it as an excuse to eat bad the rest of the day and you are constantly telling yourself you will be good tomorrow. Will you?


But what happens tomorrow? You use the same excuse! You just keeping saying to yourself “I’ll start tomorrow” but you never do.


“Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible”- George Horace Lorimar”


Tomorrow is never a good time to start. When is? RIGHT NOW!!!


I don’t care if you’re eating a bowl of ice cream right now! If you start thinking you will be good tomorrow you have already abandoned the commitment of eating well today.


  • Stop thinking what am I going to do tomorrow and start thinking what am I going to do RIGHT NOW!


  • The workouts, exercise programs and nutrition advice I can give you is the map you need to get to your desired destination, but it you keep putting off getting the map from me you will never get there. If you never learn how to read the map you will never get to where you want to go either. If I have already given you the map you MUST follow it everyday or you will be lost.

“Don’t wait: the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start were you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along”- Napoleon Hill


If you want to stop procrastinating and take control please schedule your first session now!


Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,


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