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Is Aerobic Exercise The Answer To Fat Loss?

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Is Aerobic Exercise The Answer To Fat Loss?

I see it every day people doing hours on the treadmill or the bike.


Others taking a 60 minute aerobic class on an empty stomach


Even more people coming in and just doing the elliptical for an hour and then doing a few crunches and then hitting the showers.


Does aerobic exercise burn fat? Yes and No. Meaning it can if you have everything else right!


If your not eating enough of the right calories and the right balance of foods you could be burning muscle for fuel!


Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and lungs, its also good for burning calories, which in turn will create a calorie deficit to lose fat.


But aerobic exercise can actually slow down your metabolism. Aerobic exercise is catabolic, meaning it can sacrifice muscle tissue if done wrong or for too long.


Aerobic exercise is not EFFECTIVE for fat loss by itself. You need to have a concern for muscle!


You need to challenge and protect your muscle through resistance training and actually eating ENOUGH to maintain muscle.


Resistance training is #1 in losing fat and keeping it off. Why because the more muscle you have the fat you burn!


If you are not doing resistance training you are not going to lose fat and keep it off!


If you are doing resistance training and have been doing the same routine for more than 2 months! You need something new!


Add in the right nutrition plan with the right exercise routine you have now created a fat burning machine.


Are you not sure if you’re doing everything right to reach your goals?


Then what are you waiting for?


Contact me know to find out all the options I have for you to succeed!



Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,


~David Modderman


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