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Everything In Moderation?

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Everything In Moderation?

You hear or say this statement very often "Everything In Moderation"

However, what does that really mean?

For most it seems to means eating, drinking or doing what they want when they want it and to not deprive themselves of anything. The problem with this blanket statement is that it has no structured rules. Also, how much is too much and and what are you hoping to accomplish by living your life by having everything in moderation?

First ask yourself what is your definition of "in moderation"? If you use this statement as your excuse to make bad choices daily or more than a couple times per week. I regret to tell you the results you seek will be minimal until you set a personal goal for what " In moderation" means to you. Not to mention this current "in moderation" has to be realistic and structured to reach your goals. Your behaviors NEED to match your goals. Only positive behavior changes will lead to positive changes in the results or outcome you seek.

Please don't use the phrase "everything in moderation" to support your unhealthy lifestyle.

Though I support having an occasional/weekly planned "treat "meal. "In moderation" is not an excuse to eat/drink unhealthy food everyday.

If you really want to make serious changes in your body you need to eat well 90% of the time not 50%.


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