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Should You Eat After 6pm?

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Should You Eat After 6pm?


Uh oh. I'm eating after 6pm. You know what that means this meal will all be stored as fat. ☺️
Actually, no. A healthy balanced supportive meal will all be used for fuel and recovery and not stored as fat. There is no magical time to stop eating especially if you have not had enough calories for the day. If you have not eaten above your BMR for the day then stop eating at some random time (6pm) can actually cause you to lose muscle, slow down your metabolism, and store more fat.
Not to mention a high thermic and nutritionally balanced macronutrient meal will allow my body to burn calories while it's being digested for the next few hours.

Wow! 🙂

Some how this "don't eat after 6pm if you want to lose weight" rule got passed around (I think it was actually the Oprah Winfrey show).

Lets say you require 1200 calories per day just to function (breathing, moving, organ functions, etc.) and 1600 calories to maintain metabolism and burn fat. Then if you have only eaten 1300 calories that day and its 8pm you still need to get that extra 300 calories to keep proper metabolism, blood sugar, and thyroid function.
You wont get fat just because its past a certain time of day or night. Eating later at night is fine as long as you don't eat excessive calories more than you have burned that day and don't make poor unhealthy food choices like foods that will negatively effect blood sugar.

A meal that contains lean protein, low sugar, and high fiber would be a great choice for your last evening meal.


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