I'm Looking For A Personal Trainer.....

I'm Looking For A Personal Trainer.....

With over 20 years under my belt as a fitness and nutrition coach and personal trainer I continue to see a similar pattern with the average (usually male) gym personal trainer. The average gym trainer is into bodybuilding so they assume every person who wants to lose weight and get in better shape should be trained like a bodybuilder.
For example: really heavy weight, lower reps, a body part a day or body part split lifting routine, long cardio sessions, excessive protein consumption, pre workout drinks etc etc .
Yet, ask the average gym goer or individual who seeks out a trainer if they really want to be or look like a bodybuilder and I'm willing to bet they say no. 99% of my clientele are men and woman who want to lose fat and look better and feel better and be comfortable in their own skin. They are NOT interested in breaking bench press, leg press or deadlift records or getting shredded, ripped or jacked. 😉
When seeking out a trainer or coach make sure they are giving you what you want. A great coach will give you not only what you want but also what you "need" (because they asked the right questions and listened to your answers) which will be a customized and personalized exercise and nutrition program that is specific and supportive to your goals.

If a Trainer is giving you the exact same workout or diet that they do that's not personal training. Also, they should follow a lifestyle similar to what they are recommending to you. (They workout themselves and eat healthy foods regularly) Though I like bodybuilding style programs and they have great benefits it's just not for everyone and in my opinion it's not the most efficient way to burn fat, build or maintain lean muscle and improve overall health. Are you looking for a qualified fitness and nutrition coach who has tons of social proof and success stories and has your best interest in mind? Look no further. Send me a message. :-)



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