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Real Results Fitness-Personal Trainer in Rockford, MI- Are You Gaining Weight Over the Holidays??

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Real Results Fitness-Personal Trainer in Rockford, MI- Are You Gaining Weight Over the Holidays??

Do you know the average adult gains 7 pounds of fat between Thanksgiving and New Years?

7 pounds of Fat in 6 weeks!! Yikes!!

A recent study shows that most never lose the weight they gain over the holidays. If you add this up over the years this 7 pounds each year could be close to 20 pounds or more!

But there is a small percentage of the population that never gain any weight during the holidays!

So how can you be the lucky group of people who don’t gain any weight? Do you have to be selected randomly like the lotto? Or follow the latest fad or starvation diet??


The solution is not some magic diet or pill its about doing things the right way.

You fail to realize that you are in control of your metabolism; you are the creator not the victim! If you eat the right foods most of the time and you eat smaller frequent in the right balance you can actually burn calories by eating!

Right now get out your calendar or weekly planner and plan all the days you will be attending all those holiday gatherings. Realize these gatherings will account for around 10-12 meals during these 6 weeks. So these 10-12 meals you will be allowed to indulge yourself and enjoy your family and friends.

When you begin to change the way you view your relationship with food, understanding that quality food aids in long term weight loss and frequent and smaller portions support an elevated metabolism, you’ll begin to seek a meal 5 to 6 times per day. And over 6 weeks during the holidays this accounts for 220 meals in total. If you’re putting in the better choices most of the time, believe me, you aren’t going to add to your waistline during those 12 indulging holiday meals!

The bottom line is you don’t need to deprive yourself or experience all those guilty feelings when you decide to eat some of your favorite foods. Make wise food choices most of the time, add some resistance training and cardiovascular exercise into the mix, and you too will become one of those envied people who, “eats whatever they want and doesn’t get fat!

Enjoy the Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

~David Modderman

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