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The 5 Important Steps To Not Gaining Weight Over Thanksgiving Weekend

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The 5 Important Steps To Not Gaining Weight Over Thanksgiving Weekend

"The 5 Important Steps To Not Gaining Weight Over Thanksgiving Weekend."

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to remember what we are all thankful for. It is also a great day to spend quality time with family and friends.

Unfortunately, sometimes it also is a great weekend to gain weight around our waist line. So for this special occasion I have come up with: “The 5 Important Steps To Not Gaining Weight Over Thanksgiving Weekend.”

Step -1 Do not skip meals (eat breakfast) The average person will skip breakfast and all other meals up to the time they have thanksgiving dinner. Most sleep in or cook all day and think they will be eating a big meal for thanksgiving so they shouldn’t eat till then. BIG MISTAKE! When you miss meals one you will go into starvation mode and your blood sugar will drop, so when you do finally eat you will eat WAY TOO MUCH and stuff yourself silly! Large meals will be hard for your body to digest and have a better chance of being stored as fat!

Step -2 If you’re doing the cooking use the most natural foods and ingredients possible. Use healthier versions/alternatives for your favorite foods. -Natural ingredients are lower in calories and your body will use them for energy and not for storage.

Step -3 Do NOT have one large thanksgiving meal. Have 2-4 smaller versions of these meals. You can have small portions of Turkey, potatoes, and stuffing, (lots of veggies), even a little pie in each meal just in smaller portions. You will have more energy and feel less like falling into a food coma after eating these smaller meals.

Step -4 Drink lots of water throughout the day. Your thanksgiving meal will probably contain lots of sodium so staying hydrated will be very important. Try to avoid high calorie beverages like pop and alcohol they are just empty calories and will add to fat storage. Also, never have dessert on a empty stomach have it after your smaller meals to help stabilize blood sugar.

Step-5 Get out and exercise a little. Though most of us will be in a food coma, and enjoying the 4-F’s: family, friends, food and football. Taking a walk around the block or working out prior will help you burn off those extra calories. Walking the mall the next day to find all those Christmas deals could be another great option.

These steps aren’t too difficult to follow just need to plan an ahead a little. These steps could be the difference of you gaining or not gaining 5-7 pounds this Thanksgiving weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,

David Modderman

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