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Real Results Fitness- Personal Training in Rockford Michigan- Does Weight Watchers Really Work??

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Real Results Fitness- Personal Training in Rockford Michigan- Does Weight Watchers Really Work??

Weight Watchers is a quite popular diet program based on low fat eating, exercise, and group counseling. Every food item from ice cream to pizza has a point value based on its nutritional content. You can eat as much as you want as long as you stay within your points. To assist the dieter in their lifestyle changes all members are encouraged to attend group discussion and counseling sessions, mostly in person, at local Weight Watchers centers. As of late they have come without a new creation called Flex points, this is just the same program in a better marketing package. In the Flex plan they have added a weight watchers point calculator and use more weight watcher recipes. Most dieters are given a reserve 35 points (flex points) to use for unplanned activities or cravings. I see no difference from before.


I have many clients that say they had success on the Weight Watchers plan in the past. Yet I always question if it worked so well why are they seeking out a NEW solution? It obviously didn’t work for them in the long term. If it worked so well why didn’t they stick to it?


Weight Watchers in my opinion used to be a pretty sound program, far as trying to help people, but as of late it seems to be using a lot of slick marketing and advertising to bring people in. Far as being successful that’s a different story. They usually advertise telling people enjoy the foods you love and lose weight while you do! The points plan controls the amount of food you consume but not always what those foods are. So you could be potentially eating less food but not exactly better choices for healthy weight loss and long-term success. So the dieter thinks he or she is making some healthy changes in their diet by eating fewer calories and staying within their points but could be consuming higher sugar and fat meals, meals that are not balanced enough, or high enough in calories to support your metabolism. See the problem here? The points system does not differentiate between foods high in sugar or high in carbohydrates protein or fat. This diet is assuming all calories are calories and they all affect your body the same way. I’m here to tell you they do no!


Some foods are more easily stored as fat, some foods effect your blood sugar levels more than others, some foods are actually more thermic, meaning your metabolism actually increases trying to break these foods down! Some foods combinations can make you fatter, while some can make you leaner.  If your goal is long-term fat loss (not just weight) then the specific foods you are consuming are more important than the calories from food in general. When will people realize calories are not BAD! Calories are fuel for the human machine. Without the right amount of calories you will slow down are metabolism, and store more fat in the long run. You need calories and the right ones.


Now Weight Watchers is actually selling their own processed frozen meals. They are nice for convenience yes…but are they good for you? No, not really they are balanced yet they are loaded with sodium, preservatives and have a have a paragraph for the ingredient list. You can make the same meal yourself for the same the price and with fewer preservatives. Any diet that cost money to join and then try to sell you their own food has other interests in mind.



Exercise is not a #1 priority for this Weight Watchers program and if your goal is long- term success it should be! The problem with long term diet counseling and group support which most Weight Watchers program includes is you develop no self- reliance and self- discipline to do it on your own, which is crucial to succeed long term. This diet is added to my list that use low calorie deprivation to lose weight on a scale. Weight loss on the scale is not accurate indicator of fat loss. I know many people who lose lots of WEIGHT on a low calorie diet and then long term they gain the majority of it back. There are 3 things you can lose on the scale:


2) Fat
3) Muscle


There are better and more successful options people..trust me.


Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach,


~David Modderman

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