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I Lost 12 pounds of fat and 3% body fat in 10 weeks!

I lost 3% body fat, 8 inches and 12 pounds of fat in only 10 weeks! Thanks for your support David! I feel changed in more ways than the scale will ever tell!

Ann Marie Baker (March 2008)

I gained 12 pounds of muscle!

I gained 12 lbs of lean muscle and lost 2% body fat following David Modderman's exercise and nutrition programs!

Travis T (May 2007)

David helped me lose 16 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle...

I was able to lose 16 pounds of fat (6.4 % body fat) and gain 5 pounds of lean muscle in 12 weeks with the help of David Modderman's nutrition advice and exercise program!

Steve Peterson (May 2007)

I really questioned if this program would work for someone my age...

I lost 12 pounds of fat (7.8% body fat), and gained 4.5 pounds of lean muscle on David's program. I really questioned if this program would work for someone my age. To my surprise it did! I also learned that my nutrition outside the gym is just as important as my exercise inside the gym! Any gender or age group will see results following this program!

Diane Roersma (July 2006)

I have lost 2 dress sizes!

Since I started my workout program with Health Coach David Modderman in January 2005, I have lost 2 dress sizes and have the arms of a 30 year old! I'm 54! My high energy and positive attitude are noticeable to everyone, especially my husband! He will never let me stop!

Carol Walstatter (August 2005)

I have lost 17 pounds since we started...

Thank you for everything you and your program have done to get me looking great for my wedding day. I weighed myself yesterday in my weekly weight challenge at work and I have lost 17 pounds since we started!

Michelle Reed (May 2006)

I endorse David as an excellent Fitness and Nutrition Coach!

The fitness coaching services I have received from David Modderman have been outstanding. David listened carefully to my goals and objectives, then designed a program that would deliver the results I wanted. David is well informed on "functional training". He stresses safety first in weight training, paying close attention to form and technique. He's concerned about the long-term health of his clients. I would enthusiastically endorse Dave as an excellent fitness and nutrition coach!

John Estabrook

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