Fitness Coaching & Personal Training

With Fitness Coaching and Personal Training:

You will receive the blueprint for getting results!

Fitness and Nutrition Assessment - The Blueprint of your body and mind (for new clients only)

The fitness and nutrition assessment includes an in depth consult where we will discuss medical history, exercise experience, current nutrition habits, goal setting and attitude. I will also perform body composition testing, circumference measurements, posture assessment, checking for muscle weakness, flexibility and imbalances (if needed). From this fitness and nutrition assessment you will be designed a specific program for you and your goals. This program will include a strength program, cardiovascular program, nutrition program and flexibility program. (You will leave with a goal sheet and nutrition handouts)

    * (Approximately 70- 90 minutes in duration)
    * One time investment

One on One Training and Coaching:

50-minute Exercise Session:
You will be taken though a challenging workout and given and exercise program designed specifically for you goals.

30-Minute Exercise Session:
Do You Want a Quick Flat blasting workout? This 30 minute session is designed to get your heart rate up and metabolism fired up so you can reach maximum weight loss.

Semi Private Training (Group Training Discount):
Train with a friend or with one of my small groups and get a discount!

Program Design:
Do You just want a program designed for you to do on your own? A customized program will be designed specifically for you to reach all your individual goals. Whether it be weight loss, toning, or muscle building, this program will help you reach success!

* Sessions and meetings are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

** All unused sessions purchased expire after 6 months.

** Investment for all sessions will vary please contact David Modderman at: 616-824-8311 for more information.

Nutrition Coaching

What You Will Learn and Get with Nutrition Coaching:

  • How to not only how to eat healthy but how to eat supportively.
  • How to take complete control of your metabolism.
  • How exercise and nutrition work together.
  • How to prime your body to BURN fat all day long!
  • How to avoid foods that will destroy your goals.
  • How you can eat more food and still lose weight.
  • How to eat to build lean muscle.
  • Why eating fat can help you lose fat.
  • Get a custom meal plan designed specifically for your individual goals.

* Sessions and meetings are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

** Investment will vary please contact David Modderman at: 616-824-8311 for more information.

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Specific Programs:

The 17- Week REAL RESULTS Program

The problem with most workouts programs is your body will always adapt to it with in a short period time, andyour results will taper off...

The 17-week Real Results Program was designed to build lean muscle and lower body fat through strength training, moderate aerobic exercise and supportive eating. This program consists of cycle training with progression so your body can never adapt to a certain routine or type of training because your consistently changing the cycle and your method of training. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SEE CONTINUOUS RESULTS! THIS IS A LIFETIME PROGRAM! MEANING YOU CAN USE IT FOREVER AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SEE RESULTS!

What you will learn:

  • How to eat supportively, and take control of your metabolism.
  • How to release fat all day long.
  • How to use fat as fuel.
  • How to build lean muscle and increase bone density.
  • How to avoid losing muscle.
  • How to reshape your body, and improve balance, posture, and end lower back pain.
  • How to increase muscle strength and endurance
  • How to eat more food than you ever have and still lose fat.
  • How to improve your body now and for life.

The 17 - Week Real Results Program Consists of:

Weeks 1 - 4, The Four Week Mix Up (learning how your body functions and exercising accordingly,learning how to eat supportive meals)

Weeks 5 - 6, Strength and Muscle Phase (Building lean muscle and taking control of your metabolism)

Weeks- 7 - 12, Muscle Shaping and Endurance Phase (Shaping the muscle you have built, and priming your body for Fat Release)

Weeks 13 - 16, Fat Releasing Phase (losing the most body fat possible in 4 weeks)

Week 17, Recovery Phase

This program is for anyone and everyone, no matter what your level of fitness beginner, intermediate, or advanced.




Other Life Changing Programs Available:

  • The 10 Week Weight Loss Cycle Program
  • The 21 Day Synergy Program
  • The Real Results Accountability Program

* Investment will vary - contact David Modderman at: 616-824-8311 for more information.

Supermarket Tours

Would you be surprised if I told you there are tons of foods that are labeled fat free that are 100% fat? Did you know there are tons of foods labeled natural or low in sugar that are not!?

Most people think they are eating healthy food when they are not! Sign up for my Supermarket Tour and I will spend a full hour taking you through the Supermarket and showing you what is a healthy food choice and what is not.

I will show you how to read a food label properly and how to detect a deceptive food label every time!

Schedule one with me today!

Investment: Only $20 per person for groups of 3 or more (bring your friends and family!)

Where: Rockford/Cedar Springs Meijer (other locations may be available)

Meetings & Sessions Are Currently Available At:

David's Personal Fitness Studio:

Real Results Fitness
355 Northland Drive NE
Rockford, MI 49341

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