1) Why do I need a personal trainer?

A: Many people find the guidance, education, support, accountability and motivation they receive from their trainer paramount in getting the results they want from their time spent at the gym.

2) How many people are in the semi private workouts?

A: 2-6 people

3) How much do the sessions/workouts cost?

A: Our rates are very affordable. To find out our current prices call (616) 824-8311

4) Will you help me with my nutritional habits?

A: Yes nutrition coaching is available and recommended to see the best results.

5) Isn't cardio better for burning fat?

A: Cardio can be an important part of a fat loss program but you need to develop lean muscle tissue to really turn your body into a fat melting machine. The only really effective way to do that is through resistance training, which is what we help you do.

6) Do I need to get a membership to the gym?

A: No membership to a gym is required

7) Shouldn't I just buy an exercise video instead of hiring a personal trainer?

A: Many of our clients came to us after having little or no success with exercise videos. Maybe you'll be the exception. Try it and if it doesn't work give us a call and we'll get you into shape.

8) How long do the workouts last?

A: The workouts last the better part of an hour. Usually 50-60 minutes.

9) How many days a week should I meet with the trainer?

A: That depends on your goals. For most people 2 - 3 times per week is just about right.

10) Do I need to do any other workouts on my own?

A: Depending on your goals you might receive some assignments from your trainer - probably some cardio and stretches that you can do on your own.

11) Where is the gym located?

A: Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching sessions are available in my private personal training studio (Rockford/Belmont) and in your home (depending on location).

12) How can I get started?

A: Call Fitness and Nutrition Coach David Modderman now at: 616-824-8311

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