Is Your Current Exercise Program Setting You Up To Fail?

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Did you set a goal to lose weight in 2019? REMINDER: Any program that focuses on losing weight on the scale as its only measure of progress and success is a FLAWED program! (Sorry Oprah). The scale will tell you only ONE thing “how much you weigh under gravity at that given moment.” The scale does not tell you how much WATER you have lost, MUSCLE you have lost, or even how much FAT you have lost. If you are doing anything to lose MUSCLE (not eating enough calories, over exercising, etc) you are going backwards!

The scale will also not measure your worth, how beautiful you are, or how good of a mother/father/partner/spouse you are. So if you are thinking about starting a diet program like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Medical Weight Loss, Mercy Health Partners, Local Age Management program, HCG diet, any shake diet, cleanse program, or program that focuses on just scale weight loss please think AGAIN!  Though all these program options might give you the potential for short term weight loss if they are not balanced with supportive exercise (resistance and aerobic exercise) and nutrition (balanced meals above your BMR) and instead just calorie deprivation-then you are setting yourself up for long term failure.  Most come to me because they really want to look different not just weigh different. Do you want to look better without clothes or just with clothes on? Most weight driven programs are not sustainable and are not focused on long term health and lifestyle change. The goal should always be to be TIGHTER not just LIGHTER.

If you want to get started on a sustainable, customized, and structured fitness and nutrition program that works? then reply below in the comment section or send me a private message. Let's do this together! 💪🏽🙂👍🏽



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